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Rebecca Cook

Director of Customer Success - interVal


What Our Users Think Of

Libro Credit Union
“Being able to offer interVal as a solution to our business owners, gives them insight on their business that they wouldn’t easily have access to. They not only have a better understanding on how their business is performing, they also can understand where there are opportunities for them to grow. As a Libro coach, having this information allows us to give better advice and help businesses with their goals and business planning on a consistent basis.”
Leanne Wiseman
Small Business Manager
Libro Credit Union
“As a Relationship Manager and Coach, it’s my job to help our Libro business Owners succeed. When our Owners can use tools like interVal to help understand the impact of their daily decisions on their business, Libro’s role in their business journey becomes more impactful.”
John Kiser
Regional Manager, Business Banking
Servus Credit Union
"I found the experience with interVal arriving at Servus, so timely, particularly with two business members who had mentioned that succession planning or sale of business was becoming an item for which laying out a framework was becoming a priority. In preliminary discussions, I had asked what they felt the business would value at now, and if I could offer a platform that could confirm their thoughts, and would also give guidance on how they can maintain that value and even improve it with real time review and recommendations…wouldn’t that be a great start? In both cases, it was an enthusiastic YES! Since they have both signed up, I have been able to confirm that the interVal valuation was within a few hundred thousand dollars for both members, quite impressive for companies valued at millions of dollars. For my part, the ratio information that comes along with the reporting has been nice to include in my discussions, metrics, and review of the account. Adding another touch point with these members to show we are paying attention and always at the ready to provide feedback and recommendations based on these real time updates."
Darryl Hovanak
Senior Relationship Manager Team Lead
Valley First, a division of First West Credit Union
"Using interVal with my members has opened up many conversations about their long-term goals and gives us a tool to track their progress over time. By understanding the business on a deeper level, I can have more meaningful conversations with members at annual review meetings. interVal is an easy way for us to provide existing and prospective members with a tangible way to understand their overall business health."
Bradley Byard
Business Banking Advisor
Synergy Credit Union
“Our members were quickly able to start using and gaining value from interVal. Members have indicated that the platform is user-friendly and easy to navigate, with no involvement needed from their advisor during onboarding. This has allowed advisors to focus on outputs with members.”
Kaley McLeod
Manager, Business Banking Centre
Libro Credit Union
"After introducing my owners to the interVal platform, we’ve really been able to create a stronger, more meaningful relationship as this tool has helped us all understand the current state and discuss their future goals and how Libro can be a part of that growth. I’ve been able to better articulate their struggles and successes to help work towards achieving their end goals. We have all found the platform to be extremely user friendly and easy to understand as well. Would highly recommend!"
Sarah Carradine
Commercial Account Manager
Turner Moore LLP
"interVal is a value-added tool we use with our clients. It provides key knowledge of the value of the client’s business as they grow and ultimately look toward succession planning. The first question from many of our clients used to be “how much tax do I owe?” However, after using interVal for several years, many of our clients first question has become “what is my business worth this year?”"
Jonathan Krohn
Senior Accountant
Tino-Gaetani & Carusi
Watch how accounting firms like Tino Gaetani & Carusi are using interVal to create conversations with their small business clients, and help them plan ahead. You'll hear from Vanessa Salvador, CPA, CA a partner at Tino Gaetani & Carusi on her use of the platform and how she re-engages with clients by talking about valuation.
Vanessa Salvador
Turner Moore LLP
"Using interVal's automated discovery has been a game changer for me and my clients. Having access to automated actionable insights surfaced through the platform has allowed me to proactively advise my clients efficiently. They may need to invest excess working capital or have a better understanding of their serviceable debt, but they are trusting me as their advisor to do so, and interVal saves me time to help them."
Yann Brisebois
Davis Martindale
"It’s clear to us our business owners want to tap insights from a tool like interVal. It truly helped us contextualize advice in a way we hadn't been able to previously."
Rick Santos
Managing Partner
RPM Training
"I have been looking for a tool for my coaching practice that will help my clients not only focus on the bottom line in their income statements, but the value of their business on the balance sheet. That is the true bottom line, what could they sell this business for and bring the wealth that they have built up, across to their personal holdings. interVal makes my job easier, and me much more effective!"
Murray Voth
Trident Property Management SWO
"I am thrilled to share my positive experience with this remarkable business valuation program. From the moment I started using this software, I was amazed by its intuitive interface and user-friendly design. It made the entire valuation process seamless and efficient. The program's comprehensive features and robust functionality allowed me to perform an accurate valuation of my business with ease."
Twee Brown
BJ's Country Market
"If you’re looking to understand where your business is today, start on the journey to improve your Saleability Score and increase your business knowledge, then interVal is your answer. Having a great score is very satisfying whether you’re selling or not."
Brad Scott
The Dime on Wortley
“interVal’s platform helps give me the confidence to know that I’m on the right track and am building a strong, sustainable, and valuable business. Feedback from the platform also highlights when and where adjustments are needed. I am excited to continue to utilize the interVal platform as we continue our growth journey at The Dime on Wortley.”
Jen Perry
Founder & CEO
Green Island Builders
"I own a boutique building company on Vancouver Island. Even though we have been in business for 20 years, we are continually going through refinement and reformulation of our workflows and business structure. InterVal was introduced to me by our Credit Union and this programme has been an invaluable resource to not only give us a current baseline but also to help inform our future potential. This software is user friendly and the support is superior. I highly recommend this platform to anyone that wants key insight into their business performance and future potential."
Martin Scaia
Sierra Cafe
"As a new business owner in a challenging industry and opening during the pandemic we were happy to just be operating. Going into our second year we needed to regroup and take a hard look at what we were doing correctly and what we could do better. The numbers and information that InterVal provided gave us a realistic picture of where we were at, what factors were hurting our business and what areas we should work on. We now have the confidence to make some big changes and tackle some problems that we had put on the backburner just because we didn't understand the bigger picture. I would highly recommend this program. The support was phenomenal and it led to a fantastic learning and growing experience."
Kim Oscar
The Coverall Shop
"Upon being made aware of interVal by my banker, I was excited to have a valuation completed to use as a benchmark metric for my business. The procedure was quick and easy, the whole process was completed within a couple of days and required only about 10 minutes of my time to provide the required data. The valuation report was fair and provided just the right amount of detail to understand how the numbers were derived. In my opinion, this data is invaluable for any business owner regardless of their intent to sell or not – having this tool leads to a deeper understanding of whether your strategic decision making is having a positive effect or otherwise, which is critical. I am looking forward to getting an updated report after our upcoming year end. Thanks interVal for providing a great service!"
Jeremy Jablonski
National RV Siding Ltd.

“Connecting interVal to Quickbooks made everything quick and simple. It was certainly worth our time!”

Cole Messervey
Booch Organic Kombucha

"I overestimated the amount of time it would take to upload the files into interVal's platform to determine what my company was valued at. To my surprise, it only took a few minutes, and the valuation was a great way of understanding where we sit as a business without the emotion. It also serves as a useful tool to determine if the day-to-day decisions are improving value over time."

Shannon Kamins
Owner & Master Fermenter
Tucker Industries Inc.

"As a small business owner I believe that interVal is going to be a crucial tool for use in planning for my business in the future. It has helped me understand where there is value in my existing business and what areas I would need to improve in order to effectively increase the value of my business. This insight is critical to my continued business operations, future success as well as further out on the horizon, when we look at things like succession planning and the next generation. Thank you for developing this tool, we look forward to being a user for years to come."

Jason Montgomery
ASTEC Safety Inc.

"As business owners, we hear terms like; operate lean, ROI, EBITDA, Debt Service, Debt/Equity, Succession/Exit Strategies, BPR, and find ourselves constantly wondering how the business is really progressing? Now interVal has given us an invaluable tool to trim the fat and & punch above our weight as small-medium size businesses. Cost effective, administratively friendly, and furnishing management with actionable insights and feedback really motivates our team, while creating laser focus on initiatives that will drive corporate value."

Jeff Mulligan
Chief Operating Officer
Crock A Doodle (Waterloo)
"Having a year of rebound from COVID-19 behind me, I take great comfort in having a baseline of what my business is worth by leveraging the interVal platform. While the lockdowns certainly impacted my overall performance, I am now aware of the areas that I can focus on to ensure that the value of my business will continue to grow post-pandemic."
Shailen Vadera
Franchise Owner
Braxx Railings
"As a business owner, it's essential to have a clear understanding of my company's current financial performance and business value in order to make informed decisions and ensure long-term success. Now that we have been introduced to interVal, I have access to a comprehensive view of my business's valuation, and benchmarked financial ratios. These outputs have been essential for knowing my value today and for identifying areas of strength and weakness within my business."
Mike Hammond
Leto's Steakhouse & Bar
“interVal came along at the perfect time for our company. We were cash strapped and leveraged going though restructure in shareholders. All we had to do was submit audited financial statements and the rest was taken care of, too easy! We didn’t have the resources to get a proper valuation done with our financial position, but we still needed to know what our business was worth. The ease and accuracy that interVal provided made a difficult situation less stressful. The fact that interVal also takes goodwill into account was key for us being in business for 42 years. This has given us the opportunity to potentially expand our ownership group and boost revenue significantly. For anyone looking to get an accurate valuation of their company I would highly recommend interVal."
George Saganis
Managing Partner
North Pole Trim & Supplies Ltd.

"InterVal is a tool that helps us see the real value of our business. It certainly helps us focus on initiatives that will have the best potential of increasing our EBITDA. It was quick and the staff were a great help in making the process painless."

Eric Toivonen
BitBakery Software

"Understanding the value of a small business is hard. Understanding the value of a software services business is harder. InterVal solves these problems. They made assessing my company's value as simple as importing my accounting data, completing some easy to answer questions and then provided me with valuation range as well as a detailed explanation as to the valuation rationale. The InterVal reports are informative as well as helping our team to understand our value and how to add to it going forward."

Wes Worsfold
Chief Executive Officer

In an interview with Trevor Greenway, CEO at interVal, Davie shares the story about his family restaurant, and why he believes that business owners deserve access to business valuation and health metrics throughout their ownership journey.

Davie Lee
Head of Product Innovation

What Our Users Think Of

Murray Voth
RPM Training
"I have been looking for a tool for my coaching practice that will help my clients not only focus on the bottom line in their income statements, but the value of their business on the balance sheet. That is the true bottom line, what could they sell this business for and bring the wealth that they have built up, across to their personal holdings. interVal makes my job easier, and me much more effective!"
Murray Voth