"I found the experience with InterVal arriving at Servus, so timely, particularly with two business members who had mentioned that succession planning or sale of business was becoming an item for which laying out a framework was becoming a priority. In preliminary discussions, I had asked what they felt the business would value at now, and if I could offer a platform that could confirm their thoughts, and would also give guidance on how they can maintain that value and even improve it with real time review and recommendations…wouldn’t that be a great start? In both cases, it was an enthusiastic YES! Since they have both signed up, I have been able to confirm that the InterVal valuation was within a few hundred thousand dollars for both members, quite impressive for companies valued at millions of dollars. For my part, the ratio information that comes along with the reporting has been nice to include in my discussions, metrics, and review of the account. Adding another touch point with these members to show we are paying attention and always at the ready to provide feedback and recommendations based on these real time updates."

Darryl Hovanak