"The interVal platform was an eye opener for me. I had been in business for 31 years when I started using the platform, I had no idea what my business was worth at the time and no real way to find out, seems odd I know. When I signed up for the platform, I was amazed at how easy it was to get an evaluation quickly by just providing my financials. I discovered I had some definite improvements to be made and created some goals to increase my Saleability Score. The platform provided me with all the tools to make decisions with measured results that kept me on track yearly. Reaching my goals using interVal as a benchmark along the way, we have successfully changed our business into a really saleable business with the numbers to back it up, and oh I should mention the banks love it too. If you’re looking to understand where your business is today, start on the journey to improve your Saleability Score and increase your business knowledge, then interVal is your answer. Having a great score is very satisfying whether you’re selling or not."

Brad Scott