Using Automation to Get the Most out of Annual Client Reviews

Using Automation to Get the Most out of Annual Client Reviews

Annual Client Reviews (ACR) provide an opportunity to showcase the expertise and value of your financial services — while focusing on mutual financial growth. Jackson and Greenwald’s study on Annual Reviews found that 93% of investors believe that these reviews are very to extremely important.

In this blog, we'll explore strategies to ensure you make the most out of ACRs by incorporating automation into your processes.

Leverage Automation for Prep Work

Before engaging your clients in ACRs, ensure that your prep work is customized for each client. This involves not only analyzing their financial portfolio but also staying updated on market trends, economic conditions, and relevant regulatory changes within the SMB’s industry. Having a detailed understanding of your client's financial goals and risk tolerance enables you to tailor advice and recommendations accurately. 

The challenge, however, is to easily access and analyze this deep understanding for individual SMB clients. Automation is the best solution in this case. For example, by having your clients sync their SMB’s financial data with interVal, you gain instant access to actionable insights and opportunities. These industry-benchmarked opportunities are tailored to their business needs, and help you advise them to optimize their business finances.

This ensures that discussions during the review are not only informed but also proactive in addressing potential challenges or opportunities. It also enhances the client's perception of your commitment to their financial success.

Visualized Financial Insights for Discussion

Utilizing visual data analytics can help you present a comprehensive overview of your SMB client's financial performance, investment potential, and loan capacity. Visualized data is simple to understand, especially when navigating through financial trends. Equipped with accurate and digestible information, your clients feel empowered to make informed decisions that can help them grow their businesses.

This not only adds a layer of transparency to the ACR process but also empowers clients to actively participate in shaping their financial future.

Empower SMBs to Grow

Empowering clients with automation makes the Annual Client Review effective and positively impacts your long-term relationship. By having access to visualized benchmarked ratios, and valuation insights, business owners feel confident in making revenue-generating decisions, and your team can discuss opportunities linked to investments and loans to create growth strategies for SMB clients.

ACRs can be viewed as an educational experience for business owners. Financial insights and opportunities can be complex, but with the help of financial advisors armed with automation, the task can be efficient. Informed clients are more likely to be engaged in the growth of their business, and are more likely to refer others to proactive financial advisors.

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