Provide tailored financial advice to your clients by harnessing the power of automated benchmarked ratios.

Key Metrics: Tailored Financial Advice

‘Efficiency’ and ‘accuracy’ are two common buzzwords accountants and financial advisors often hear in their industry. interVal helps with just that — and more! It ingests SMB financial reports and arms you with visualized benchmarked ratios. This snapshot view of your client’s financial health saves you time, creates capacity, and enables effective client advisory instead of manual navigation of financial statements.

With the support of visualized benchmarked ratios, you can ‘display’ your advice to clients if you wish to enhance transparency and communication. Since these insights are industry-specific, the opportunities you seek are uniquely tailored to your SMBs.

Industry-Centric Insights

Dive deep into clients' businesses by leveraging interVal’s industry-centric insights. Compare your SMBs’ performance against their industry competition and gain actionable insights for each unique client. Whether your client operates in manufacturing, technology, healthcare, or any other sector, interVal uses the industry’s benchmarked ratios to provide you with tailored opportunities.

Actionable Opportunities Visualized

Turning data into actionable opportunities can be a tedious activity especially if your client base spans multiple industries. With interVal, this is done within seconds — just connect their financial statements to our platform, and let automation do the rest for you. The actionable opportunities are visualized when comparing your SMB’s performance within their industry using benchmarked ratios, such as utilizing additional debt capacity for financing, and extracting excess cash, among others. This Key Metrics feature guides you toward potential growth areas for your clients that you can help unlock through your strategic plans. 

Save Time and Create Capacity With Automated Benchmarked Ratios

Time is money, and we understand the value of both. interVal’s automation simplifies advisory by reducing hours put into manual calculations. You can empower your team with automation thereby creating capacity for each member of your team. Multiply this effect across all teams in your firm and you can do more with less. You can also create accounts for your business owners so that they have eyes on their financial performance and can rely on your expertise with more context on their end. interVal ensures that you streamline your processes and focus on what truly matters – delivering tailored financial advice that propels your clients toward success.

Elevate Your Advisory Services

Client advisory is an ever-evolving field. However, one concept is a constant — financial and accounting automation. Staying ahead in today’s fast-moving economy requires more than just keeping up with the numbers. Automated actionable insights and innovation are key to growth. interVal’s tailored insights keep you ahead of the curve. Elevate your advisory game, empower your teams, and grow together with your clients. Book a demo with us to learn more.