Q Wealth Partners is pleased...

Q Wealth Partners is pleased to announce strategic collaboration with interVal

Q Wealth Partners is pleased to announce a strategic collaboration with interVal, which will add yet another fintech innovation to Q Wealth’s leading technology platform.

Collaborating with interVal will provide Q Wealth Advisors the ability to deliver a crucial insight to clients that own privately held businesses – a more realistic estimate of what the business is worth. Beyond valuation, interVal will provide advisors and their clients with actionable insights, empowering them to effortlessly understand their overall business health, set goals that move the needle on KPIs, and track their growth over time. 

This addition of the interVal application adds to the attractiveness of the Q Wealth client experience platform for potential clients and advisors alike. Jared Rabinowitz, Executive & Founding Partner of Q Wealth shared his thoughts about the Partnership with interVal:

"Any opportunity to use technology to deepen advisor-client engagement, and do it with efficiency at scale, is in the sweet-spot for Q Wealth. About a year ago we noticed accounting firms and lenders starting to use tools like interVal. We imagined the potential for deploying it in the wealth advisory space and reached out to CEO Trevor Greenway to propose the opportunity. The reality is, for most business owners, their business is the most important asset on their balance sheet. The traditional approach to financial planning is to just ask them what they think it’s worth - and that guess can be wildly inaccurate, leading to missed opportunities. interVal brings clarity to the plan, but so much more to the advisor’s ability to add value for clients. With interVal we’ll be able to identify opportunities like excess working capital held in the business which could be more productively deployed, or opportunities to expand the business through access to credit. We’ll also help spot key risks that could be addressed to ensure clients protect the value they’ve worked so hard to create. We’re truly excited by the possibilities.”

"We are thrilled to collaborate with Q Wealth Partners and bring the power of interVal to their advisors and clients” said Trevor Greenway, CEO and Co-Founder of interVal. “By leveraging interVal, Q Wealth Advisors will be empowered to help business owners understand and enhance their overall business health. This partnership is a testament to our shared commitment to drive growth and unlock new opportunities for business owners."

With agility, scale, exceptional support to advisor teams, and an effective “buy, build and integrate” approach to technology, Q Wealth is gaining recognition as one of the most innovative firms in Canadian wealth management. It has also become one of the fastest growing Portfolio Management firms in the country - having shattered the 3 billion under management level earlier in 2024, on its way to closer to 5 billion by the end of the year.

About Q Wealth Partners

Quintessence (Q) Wealth is a Partnership of Portfolio Managers - exclusively for advisors who want to own their practice and transcend the investment dealer world to become true fiduciaries. A support platform and advisory practice accelerator – Q Wealth integrates wealth management with financial planning and client experience. This is complemented by a comprehensive array of digital marketing, IT, cyber security, and compliance solutions. All this empowers Q Wealth Partners to focus on serving their clients at scale, and with deeper engagement. With advanced tools and resources at their side, QW Partners not only stand out, but can stand atop in an increasingly competitive and rapidly changing industry.

About interVal

interVal is a leading SaaS that empowers Accounting Firms, Wealth Management Firms and Financial Institutions with automated insights to unlock opportunities and drive optimal growth for their SMB clients. The platform leverages AI to deliver actionable intelligence, streamline processes, and enhance decision-making capabilities.  interVal makes it possible for business owners and their advisory partners to jointly identify, monitor, and leverage automated insights in a single, shared environment. Learn more at www.inter-val.ai.