Uncover Hidden Growth Opportunities.

interVal automates the identification of opportunities that are otherwise hidden in accounting data and financial statements. 

Accounting Firms, Banks, and Wealth Management Firms use interVal’s automation to proactively support their SMB clients so they can grow faster and better, together.

We live in a data-driven economy. Your client's needs have changed. interVal levels the playing field.


Client Advisory Services Made Easy with Automated Discovery.

Uncover revenue-generating opportunities and improve cross-department visibility.

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interVal for Banks.

More Lending, Deposit, and Investment Opportunities.

By connecting financial data with interVal, your SMB clients and you gain access to actionable insights. Dive deep into visualized financial trends and uncover lending and investment opportunities that are hidden in financial statements.


interVal for Accounting Firms.

Know More. Grow More.

interVal mines client data for growth opportunities so you don’t have to. Multiply your capacity and create more value for your SMB clients more frequently. Get instant access to:

  • Valuation and Saleability score
  • Key Metrics
  • Actionable insights


interVal for Wealth Management Firms.

Passively Grow Your AUM.

Clear the clutter with interVal’s automation and focus on activities that matter. Automate discovery of investment and insurance opportunities within your SMB base and passively grow AUM.

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average growth rate of businesses using the interVal platform


of a business owner’s wealth lives inside of their business


of business owners don't know the current valuation of their business.

It’s clear to us our business owners want to tap insights from a tool like interVal. It truly helped us contextualize advice in a way we hadn't been able to previously.

Rick Santos, Managing Partner

Part of our coaching philosophy and effort to grow Owner prosperity includes delivering tools and technology to our business Owners so that they can focus on running their business. Using this tool, we can help member-Owners unlock real-time insight from accounting and other data they’re already producing.

Steve Bolton, Former Head Coach & CEO

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