Automated Access To Real-time Customer Data

Collect your clients’ financial data automatically, allowing you to gain real-time insights, give better advice, and improve your existing workflow.

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Stop Chasing Financial Data

With interVal, you'll no longer spend time tracking down business financial data from your customers. interVal automates the collection of business financial data, so you can spend your time adding value where it matters.

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Valuable Insights

Real-time business valuation

Understand, in real-time, the value of the businesses you work with. Compare your clients’ valuations with industry benchmarks and help them grow.

Identify Opportunities

Be alerted to opportunities to provide additional value to your client base when they need it most

Mitigate risk

Identify and plan effective risk management strategies using real-time financial data. Track key performance indicators to proactively monitor business health.

Deliver More Value

How It Works

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Advisor invites the business owner to interVal, the easy-to-use software platform that allows them to measure the most critical KPI in their business - its value.

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Business owner connects their accounting software to interVal’s platform in seconds via our platform’s API.

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Advisor receives real-time, analyzed data, allowing them to deliver more value to their business owner clients.

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Clean and Summarized Financial Reporting - As Often As You Need It

View your customer’s accounting data in a clean, standardized format. Access automated financial reports in order to provide more timely insight and analysis. Reports include: Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss, and Cash Flow Statement.

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Real-time Valuation

Receive automated real-time valuations for each of your business owner clients. Be notified of significant changes to key ratios and fluctuations in valuation, so you know where to focus your time and energy.

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Configurable Dashboard

Access clean, visualized data in a centralized dashboard view. Customize the relevant information that matters most. View aggregated data across all of your business owner clients, or easily segment the data to identify areas of potential improvement within individual organizations.

Don’t Spend Time Discovering. Spend Time Delivering.

interVal seamlessly integrates into your client’s cloud accounting software, giving you access to the data you need, as often as you want it.

Deliver More Value

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May 12, 2021

interVal Hires Chris Janes

interVal is pleased to announce the recent hiring of Chris Janes as Software Development Manager. Chris has extensive experience building and architecting software solutions for companies in the London area.

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April 29, 2021

interVal announces closing of $1.5 million seed capital investment

Capital further validates recent company growth and will allow interVal to continue to meet market demand for its intelligent, subscription-based data analysis technology

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April 15, 2021

interVal Hires Ayobami Idowu

We are excited to announce the recent hiring of Ayobami Idowu, who is joining our development team. With a wide range of experience in various back-end technologies, Ayobami is excited to apply his skills in the fintech space and collaborate with our team on building out new features for the interVal platform.

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