interVal for Financial Institutions

interVal for Banks

Your financial institution may be facing two common issues: Most SMBs don’t share their financial data, and there isn’t enough time to do anything with existing financial data.

interVal addresses these predicaments by serving as a bridge between data and advisory, automating the analysis of your SMBs’ financial statements to provide immediate, actionable insights. This allows you to help your SMBs grow healthy businesses and uncover more wealth and lending opportunities.

Your team benefits by:

  • Having SMB data turned into actionable insights and readily available on your dashboard so that you can discover wealth and investment opportunities
  • And by saving the time you spend on manual calculations, freeing up capacity to advise more clients, and unlocking growth opportunities for your SMBs

Quick Onboarding — Faster Access to Actionable Insights

Onboarding is a simple 3 step process:

  1. Invite your SMBs to set up their interVal accounts
  2. Your clients can sync their financial data (QuickBooks, Xero, or Sage), or upload a PDF
  3. You get notified once new analysis and insights are available

You get instant access to:

  • Valuation and saleability score
  • Key Metrics — benchmarked against your client’s industry peers 
  • Actionable insights (such as excess working capital, non-operating assets, etc.)

Using these insights, you can tailor growth strategies for your clients across multiple industries, all through one platform.

Streamline Processes, Save Time, and Unlock Growth

interVal streamlines your processes and ensures that you can dedicate more time to supporting clients, ultimately generating more opportunities for them.

interVal helps financial institutions with:

  • Automating discovery
  • Advanced analytics (Key Metrics, valuation, data analysis)
  • Optimizing outcomes

Your financial institution gets:

  • More visibility to wealth and lending opportunities
  • A human capital multiplier
  • Improved SMB health
  • More cross-department visibility and opportunities
  • Automation that helps with Annual Client Review covenants

interVal positions itself as an advisory ecosystem, offering features ranging from quick snapshots of benchmarked ratios to company valuations, and automated discovery. 

As AI and machine learning become integral to financial institutions and their client services, having access to actionable insights is becoming the new norm. If you’d like to learn more about how interVal can change the way you do things, get in touch with us and we’ll show you how.