Real-time Access To Analyzed Data

Your clients are busy running their business - and you can help them succeed. Having real-time access to analyzed data directly from your clients’ accounting software allows you to provide proactive solutions, even before they realize they need it. Connect with your clients through data, and deliver your value through people.

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Identify New Opportunities Without Having To Go Looking For Them

There are opportunities to bring additional value across your client base, and our platform can notify you where and when those exist. Help your business owner clients understand their business and its value in real-time - because the more they know about where they are today, the more they understand what’s possible in the future.

See What’s Happening As It’s Happening

Gone are the days where you would receive static data and manually input it into spreadsheets for analysis. Our platform offers real-time statement analysis, so you can see what’s happening as it’s happening and be notified when there’s something out of the ordinary. You should spend your time interpreting the analysis and taking decisive action relating to new opportunities or changes to risk. Leave the rest to us.

Sorting, Simplified.

interVal for Financial Institutions has a configurable layout that allows you to sort by a variety of different categories and specific trends within your entire client base. Tracking, filtering, and finding your clients’ data should be simple. Let the data do the work for you.

Putting Data to Work

Real-Time Valuations

Repurposing data in meaningful ways, through business valuation.

Automated Reporting

Automated reporting for the advisor, so you can benefit from real-time access and deliver more value.

Client Insights

Know what’s changed for your clients on a regular basis, while they benefit from knowing the impact of their day-to-day decisions on the value of their business.

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business owners dashboard

Ignite Meaningful Conversations With Your Clients

Helping business owners harness the power of their data means that they can spend more time growing their business, and less time trying to figure out what it all means. Our client dashboard connects you with your client at regular intervals and opens the door for contextualized conversations about the value you can bring to help them reach their goals.

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Don’t Spend Time Discovering - Spend Time Delivering.

We can automate that!

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