Uncover More Deposit, Lending and Wealth Opportunities.

Clear the clutter with interVal’s automation and focus on activities that matter.

  • Passive AUM growth
  • Automate Annual Client Review activities
  • Automate opportunity identification and product placement
  • Elevate SMB growth and health

Let automation uncover opportunities linked to:

  • Excess working capital
  • Serviceable debt
  • Investable assets
  • Valuation
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How does interVal work ?

Uncover Hidden Growth Opportunities.

Attach to your existing processes and surface high-value opportunities to both you and your SMB customers:

  • Key Metrics and benchmarks
  • Valuation and Saleability Score
  • Quantified advisory opportunities delivered to your CRM
  • Business health and valuation feedback for SMBs to build better and stronger businesses

interVal is a “two-way” platform. This means financial advisors and their associated business owners can view the same information. Within minutes of granting a client access to the platform, following a brief onboarding process, highly visual and accurate actionable insights can be produced. Empower your SMB clients to make informed decisions and grow their business.

Optimize Outcomes.

interVal’s automation uncovers opportunities so you don’t have to. 

Our powerful platform allows you to proactively advise your clients by seamlessly identifying the largest revenue opportunities from your existing SMB clients across lending, cash management, specialty products, and wealth & insurance - paving the way for a steadier stream of higher-margin services.

platform 2

Healthier Businesses.

You can’t manage what you don’t measure. When connected to the platform, SMBs grow by 29% YoY. Everyone wins when your business owner clients thrive — they utilize more services and become lifetime customers.

platform 3

Part of our coaching philosophy and effort to grow Owner prosperity includes delivering tools and technology to our business Owners so that they can focus on running their business. Using this tool, we can help member-Owners unlock real-time insight from accounting and other data they’re already producing.

Steve Bolton, Former Head Coach & CEO

Steve Bolton
Using interVal with my members has opened up many conversations about their long-term goals and gives us a tool to track their progress over time. interVal is an easy way for us to provide existing and prospective members with a tangible way to understand their overall business health.

Bradley Byard, Business Banking Advisor

Bradley Byard

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