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Your business owner clients turn to you as their trusted advisor. Help them unlock the power of their accounting data and contextualize your advice. Bring your advisory services to your clients exactly when they need it the most.

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Ratio Analysis Done For You, Presented In A Way Your Clients Can Understand

An educated business owner understands the impact of their decisions. Presenting their financial data in a way that is clean, simple, and easy to consume means they will understand the important metrics and how they rank relative to their industry peers.

Data At Your Fingertips. No Calculations Or Spreadsheets Necessary!

Our trend analysis and notification system not only extracts data in real-time, but also notifies you if certain variances are reported. See what’s happening in a prescribed time frame and know exactly when to dive in and offer your expert advice.

Real-time Automated Reporting

Don’t wait until year end; let interVal automate the discovery process throughout the year. As an advisor, you can’t help your clients when you don’t know what’s happening. Access to current data is paramount so you can deliver the value of your services. Work ahead on year-end files by having constant access to your clients’ data.

Spend more time delivering the value that only you can bring

Real-Time Valuations

Business owners and their advisors can all do more and plan strategically when they are aware of the ultimate KPI of a business - its value.

Automated Reporting

Don’t spend time chasing financial data. Your clients can seamlessly connect their accounting software with our platform, so you have easy access to the information you need.

Client Insights

The all-in-one dashboard gives you quick access to your client list, where you can see changes in key metrics at a glance.

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It All Starts With The Ultimate KPI For A Business Owner: The Valuation

There is so much value in the data that your business owners can produce. Let our platform automate the collection and presentation of data, shedding light on areas of potential improvement and giving you the opportunity to help them get there.

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