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interVal can help your firm drive more meaningful conversations through empowering your clients with a platform for monitoring their valuation.

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You Can Only Solve Challenges That You Know About.

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Business owners rely on their accounting partners to help them make good decisions. As most accountants acknowledge, their ability to assist is often compromised by communication issues, inconsistent access to data and an over-reliance on core, compliance-driven work. The result? Accounting practices are unable to scale-up their advisory services and clients are often left feeling underserved.

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How Do Accountants Use Our Platform?

We help accounting firms across North America level-up their services by providing the technology they need to identify and solve their client’s most challenging business issues. Let us walk you through how we are helping other firms and learn how our valuation-focused platform is changing the way accountants work.

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How Does interVal Work?

Start With A Number.

interVal is a “two-way” platform. This means business owners and their accounting partners can view the same information. Within minutes of granting your client access to the platform, following a brief onboarding process, a highly visual and accurate valuation range can be produced.

Dive In And Discuss.

With a number in place, interVal offers you and your client an opportunity to dig deeper and discuss the results. Our technology also makes it easy to continually monitor changes to key ratios and the valuation range itself. Over a short period of time, interVal can help you foster a more proactive, focused and data-centric relationship with your clients and pave the way for a steadier stream of advisory services.

Get an Aggregate View Of Your Client Base.

interVal makes it possible for you to view and monitor your portfolio of clients in a single, easy-to-interpret dashboard. The platform makes identifying and actioning important changes to your clients’ valuation and other core financial data quick and easy, opening the door for more timely and relevant communications.

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It’s clear to us our business owners want to tap insights from a tool like interVal. It truly helped us contextualize advice in a way we hadn't been able to previously.

Rick Santos, Managing Partner

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interVal has delivered a significant return for our firm. The automated, recurring insights allow us to service more clients in a proactive manner, deepening our role as their trusted advisor. When everyone is aware of a business' ever-changing value and the leading indicators impacting that value, it allows us to play a more active advisory role in their business journey.

Scott Furlonger, Managing Owner

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Let's Connect.

We love talking about how we help our accounting partners, but we get even more excited when we have a chance to show-off our platform in action. If you would like to schedule some time with us, get a platform tour, and learn how other firms are leveraging our technology, we are here for you!

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