What is interVal?

What is interVal?

Accounting and financial advisors always face these two common dilemmas — there’s too much data and yet, not enough insights. And, if you spend too much time uncovering insights, there’s not enough time to spend with clients. From its inception, interVal’s vision has been to help advisors spend more time with their SMBs rather than their financial statements.

interVal bridges the gap between data and advisory. To put it in one oversimplified sentence, interVal automatically ingests your clients’ financial statements and provides actionable insights. But, we need to dig deeper to fully comprehend how empowering it can be.

What Does interVal Do For You?

interVal primarily does three things for you:

For any Client Advisory Service (CAS) practitioners, ‘creating time’ drives growth. That’s precisely what you get with interVal. Automation helps you automate discovery so that you can spend more time advising, thereby creating more opportunities for more SMBs.

How Does interVal Do it?

interVal syncs with your SMB client’s financial statements via QuickBooks, Xero, or Sage and analyzes available financial information to visualize benchmarked ratios, key metrics, and valuation. These five-year-period visual trends combined with suggested actionable insights arm you with instantly available opportunities for your clients. That’s it — simple and effective.

Can it Do More?

interval is an advisory ecosystem for its partners, from a quick snapshot of a company's valuation to benchmarked ratios and automated discovery. Backed by AI and machine learning, interVal has become an integral part of client advisory, automation is no longer a luxury — it’s a must-have.

The Future of interVal

If you’ve made it this far into the blog, we’ll share a secret with you. Remember how we mentioned at the start that ‘vision has been to help advisors spend more time with their SMBs rather than their financial statements — well that’s just part of it. interVal’s true vision is to help SMBs grow. 

CAS practices are all about helping clients grow. That in return positively affects the growth of all stakeholders. interVal’s ultimate aim is to create a continuous loop where it caters to the pain points of SMBs and advisors and helps them make the best decisions available to them using available data. 

By equipping your advisory services branch with a powerful tool, interVal will help you guide your SMB client’s to growth quicker than ever before.