Unlock the power of automation to elevate your advisory services.

Key Metrics: Visualize Performance Evaluation

As an advisor, you understand that insights derived from the historical performance of a business are paramount for informed decision-making. You’re also aware that manually analyzing this historical data and converting it into actionable steps is a time-consuming activity. interVal helps you dive deep into the financial intricacies of your clients’ company over a 5-year period with just a few clicks. 

This ability to assess trends and invaluable insights therein helps you identify patterns, anticipate opportunities, and pinpoint areas of growth. You're not just viewing numbers — you're unlocking automated Key Metric trends that empower you to make decisions grounded in a thorough understanding of the past

Elevating Performance through Automated Benchmarked Ratios

interVal’s ratio benchmarking feature visualizes your SMB client’s financial performance over a period of 5 years. This quick snapshot gives you the ability to explore business functions and any opportunities that lie within. Through this evolution of benchmarked ratios, you also get a glimpse into the company's financial health. This not only enhances the accuracy of your advisory services but also enables more strategic and informed planning.

Actionable Insights: Transforming Data into Opportunities

Actionable insights derived from your SMB client’s data through automation increases your capacity — you can spend time with more clients, and more time with each of those clients. interVal essentially transforms their data into insights. As an advisor in an accounting firm or financial institution, you can leverage these insights to guide your clients toward opportunities that lie within reach in their respective industries.

Transparency in Performance Evaluation

interVal helps you make efficient use of your SMB client’s financial data by visualizing benchmarked ratio trends. This can also help you visualize your advice to your clients if need be. By combining your advice with visual trends, greater transparency is added to your advisory service. It becomes quicker and easier for you and your business owners to explore opportunities and discuss actionable strategies. 

A Transformative Future for Advisors

In a world driven by insights, the role of advisors in accounting firms and financial institutions is transforming. Automation has become more than a tool today — it's a necessity that creates capacity and capitalizes on growth opportunities. From visualizing historical insights to providing actionable strategies, interVal helps you streamline your deliverables and saves time. The best way to find out how interVal can help your firm is by booking a demo with us.