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Key Metrics: Strategic Decision-Making Made Easy For Advisors

Strategic decision-making plays a pivotal role in guiding business owners toward sustainable growth - automation is transforming the way advisors approach this process. Today, we'll explore how automation platforms such as interVal can empower you to harness the full potential of strategic decision-making for your clients.

Benchmarked Ratios Guiding Decisions

Comparing your clients’ financial ratios to industry benchmarks can be a time-consuming activity especially when catering to a large number of clients. interVal excels in streamlining and enhancing benchmarked ratios, allowing advisors to quickly and accurately analyze data. By leveraging automation, you gain a comprehensive understanding of where your clients stand relative to industry standards - all within one simple-to-navigate dashboard. Using these insights to inform client advice becomes quick and simple.

Automated Insights and Informed Decisions

Armed with the insights derived from benchmarked key metrics, advisors are better equipped to offer informed advice to business clients. interVal facilitates a deeper understanding of your client’s current and historical financial landscape, enabling you to provide strategic recommendations that focus on optimizing your client’s business operations and financial health.

Industry-specific benchmarked ratios ensure that your decisions are informed by accurate and relevant information. As a result, your clients benefit immediately and are honed in for long-term success.

Goal Setting with Precision

Setting realistic and achievable goals is core to the concept of strategic decision-making. With interVal, you can work with your client to establish goals with precision by integrating automated insights into your advisory process. You can easily explore opportunities based on industry benchmarks, ensuring that your clients optimize their growth as per their specific market. This level of precision enhances goal-setting discussions, fostering a strategic mindset that considers internal capabilities and external industry standards.

Optimizing Financial Strategies for Decision-Making

Visualized benchmarked ratios can help you easily assess your clients’ business health quickly. This can help you free up valuable time to focus on developing and implementing innovative financial strategies with your clients. Whether it's streamlining processes, identifying tax-saving opportunities, or exploring new revenue streams, having access to a visualized dashboard can assist you in further fine-tuning your consulting service.

Navigating Market Dynamics Through Automated Discoveries

interVal helps with converting data into valuable insights. Since benchmarked data is part of the platform, you can easily navigate through relevant insights when strategically creating plans for your clients. By studying ratio trends and using them in combination with your knowledge about the market, you can stay ahead of the curve and guide your business owners to make better decisions. Building trust with your clients becomes easy when you are not only well-informed but also have ample time on your hands thanks to automation.


As advisors in an accounting firm or a financial institution, enhancing your strategic decision-making capabilities can be the next big step in scaling your service. By seamlessly integrating benchmarking, providing informed advice, setting precise goals, optimizing financial strategies, and navigating market dynamics, interVal can empower you to help your clients optimally. Book a demo with us to check out our platform in real time.