Passive AUM Growth for Wealth Firms

Passive AUM Growth for Wealth Management Firms

According to PwC, global AUM will rise to US$145.4 trillion by 2025 — but not all wealth management firms will have an equal growth rate or market share. Growing your AUM passively is an excellent way of building a solid foundation for long-term success. For your wealth management firm, this means lower costs, reduced time spent actively seeking investments, and higher returns over time.

By empowering your SMB clients with automation and focusing on personalized services, you can increase customer LTV and grow together.

Enable Your SMB Clients to Discover Hidden Growth Opportunities

Passive AUM growth benefits both your firm as well as your clients. Investing in tech that empowers your SMB clients to uncover hidden opportunities is the key to unlocking growth.

interVal does exactly that — by simply connecting their financial data with the platform, your SMB clients get access to quantified growth opportunities linked to excess working capital, investable assets, serviceable debt, valuation, and more. When your SMB clients grow, they utilize more services and become lifetime customers.

By providing transparency and convenience, you enhance the overall client experience, fostering trust and loyalty across your client portfolio.

Nurturing Client Relationships Through Personalization

Since passive AUM growth is just as much about numbers as it is about sustainability, cultivating enduring relationships with your clients is the best approach for long-term growth. Providing regular personalized updates on their portfolio’s performance, financial insights, and any relevant new opportunities, your SMB owners can rely on your services for growth. 

While active management strategies are critical to long-term success, they do require a substantial number of hours from a wealth advisor, potentially deleveraging already stretched staff. Empowering SMB clients to navigate through a personalized automated discovery platform helps create capacity for your firm and aligns both short and long-term operating objectives.

You can leverage your saved time and expertise to instead offer appropriate investment services that arise from uncovering these opportunities. Whether it's retirement planning, tax optimization, investment management, liquidity analysis, or insurance planning, you can demonstrate your value as a trusted wealth firm that caters to your SMB client’s unique financial needs and objectives.

This could additionally lead to an increase in referrals that drive your AUM growth even further, allowing your SMB clients to grow, and for your firm to scale passively.


Passive AUM growth ensures your wealth firm remains ahead of the curve. By enhancing client experience and focusing on their SMB’s growth, you help build a long-lasting relationship. Adopting personalized tech that caters to each unique SMB client’s financial circumstances also helps streamline processes, and increases capacity within your firm. If you want to learn more about how automation can help you and your SMB clients grow sustainably, book a demo with us today