NDEX Partners with Innovative...

NDEX Partners with Innovative Financial Insight Provider interVal

Ndex Systems, together with its affiliated company Artiffex, is excited to announce a strategic collaboration with interVal, a leading provider of software that empowers accounting firms and financial advisors with automated insights for their SMB clients. This partnership reflects the shared commitment of Ndex Systems and Artiffex to integrate innovative technology to enhance financial advisory and accounting services.
interVal’s cutting-edge technology solutions empower advisors and their clients with advanced analytics and AI-driven insights to make data-informed decisions. interVal integrates seamlessly with major financial accounting packages, facilitating efficient and detailed financial analysis without the need for manual data entry. This enables business owners and their advisors to effortlessly gain deep, actionable insights.

Artiffex is renowned for its cutting-edge capabilities in financial data ingestion, reconciliation, and reporting. By integrating this expertise with Ndex's F-engine, amplify the functionalities of both systems. This merger creates a powerful platform for superior data and financial services delivery. Alongside interVal's proven track record, cost efficiency, and high return potential, this collaboration marks a strategic advancement in Ndex's offerings, poised to benefit a wide array of clients.
“We are excited about the possibilities this collaboration with interVal presents,” said Laurent Bensemana, CEO of Ndex Systems. “Their innovative approach to financial health management aligns perfectly with our commitment to leveraging technology to enhance financial advisory services.”
"By joining forces with Ndex, we're not just enhancing financial services; we're revolutionizing them,” said Trevor Greenway, CEO and Co-Founder of interVal. “Our shared vision of leveraging technology to empower advisors and clients alike aligns seamlessly, promising a future where data-driven decisions are the norm."