More Value. More Clients. Less Time.

For decades, financial professionals have been working to integrate new technologies into their operations. Unsurprisingly, the global pandemic sped this process up for many advisors. The immediate shift away from the traditional office-based work environment saw service providers and their clients embracing a remote workplace, seemingly overnight. While it remains to be seen what on-site work looks like moving forward, using tech more frequently for client interactions has shown us that we can all work differently – and often more efficiently – which can often result in a more positive client experience.

Technology has allowed us to be flexible, even as things have changed in the world around us. Tools such as Zoom, Google Meet, and even regular email have given us the flexibility and accessibility to be able to work from anywhere, at any time, while maintaining these important connection points with clients. Using technology ensures that the value an advisor brings to their client continues, despite a lack of in-person interactions.

Implementing new ways to share information quickly and securely (not to mention leveraging new ways of communicating effectively) has made us more efficient and allowed us to spend more time where we can truly provide value to our clients. Having information at your fingertips allows you to be more agile and responsive – and, perhaps most importantly, saves you time. What previously would have been an in-person meeting might be better suited for a quick video chat — which means no commute, and possibly able to be more impromptu than something pre-scheduled. The result? An opportunity to bring more value to more clients in less time.

Embracing new technology will make your clients confident that you are committed to serving them in a way that’s both flexible and efficient, making the flow of information easier and the data more secure. They will be assured that their needs and pain points are able to be heard and that you can provide continual value, no matter what the world looks like at that point in time. The confidence your clients gain will show your value as a long-standing advisor, able to adapt to the changing environment and, no matter what, always putting them first.

Advisors today have a significant opportunity to deliver even more value in a way that’s accessible and fast, leveraging technology and new approaches to the way we work. While we can’t look into the future and know how quickly the world will change moving forward, technology has helped us simplify client interactions, and shown that we can still deliver exceptional value – even if it’s done a little differently.