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interVal Delivers Seamless Valuation Tool to CWB’s Business Banking Clients

interVal, a leading software platform to help business owners measure, understand, and monitor the value and health of their business, is proud to provide fast, accurate and free business valuations on Canadian Western Bank’s (CWB) website. The partnership will ensure any business owner can access purposeful feedback on the health of their most important financial asset - the business itself. 

CWB is driven by a focus on the unique financial needs of Canadian businesses and their owners, by taking a proactive approach to their offerings. The partnership with interVal and the potential it brings will allow business owners to leverage real-time valuation data to make better and more informed financial decisions.

“Providing businesses with a tool to understand their worth is crucial to that owner’s ability to plan for the future and ultimately grow their business,” says Jeff Wright, Group Head, Client Solutions and Specialty Business. “We are thrilled that business owners can visit and start using this tool, today.”

“We are thrilled to be moving forward with this partnership with CWB,” said Trevor Greenway, Co-founder & CEO, interVal. “This investment proves CWB’s dedication to business owners and will result in healthier, growth-focused businesses who understand their value.  We know that for many business owners, their business is one of their largest financial assets.  They deserve to know the value they are creating every step of the way, and access critical advice from their financial advisors in the moment they need it the most.  It starts with helping them ‘know their now’ in a way that’s simple, easy to consume, and efficient.”

To learn more about how interVal creates a better way for financial and advisory-focused institutions to help their business owners leverage real-time valuation data to make better, more informed financial decisions, visit