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Key Metrics: Industry Competitiveness Made Easy with Benchmarked Ratios

As an advisor at an accounting firm or financial institution, you're well aware of the importance of industry benchmarks when evaluating a company's competitiveness within its sector. While this understanding forms the foundation for your strategic decisions, it is often a time-consuming activity to gauge businesses against their industry benchmarks. 

In this post, we’ll explore how automation can change your day-to-day and help you efficiently guide clients in their competitive landscapes.

Automating Industry Benchmarks

Automating Key Metrics can help you navigate through the complex landscape of advisory services. interVal seamlessly digests your client’s business financial data to provide a comprehensive analysis of how they stack up against industry averages. Armed with these valuable insights, you can pinpoint areas of opportunities within their industries. Being a first-mover is often a primary reason some SMEs succeed over others - and having instant access to automated insights can be directly attributed to this success.

Actionable Insights for Operational Effectiveness

interVal doesn't just inundate you with numbers, it transforms raw data into actionable insights. These insights are the catalysts for strategic decision-making, allowing you to make informed choices that drive operational efficiency - quickly and backed by benchmarked ratios. Whether it's streamlining internal processes or identifying growth opportunities, you are empowered by having access to a highly visualized dashboard.

Unlocking Opportunities for Your Clients - Continuously

Syncing your clients’ data with interVal will help you realize opportunities as they surface. Scaling your efforts across multiple clients and unlocking opportunities for them routinely becomes automated. You can then spend your time advising clients, instead of digging through data to find opportunities for them. 
You can also share relevant insights with your clients by granting them access to the platform via business owner login credentials, helping them understand their competitive position relative to industry benchmarks.

Enhancing Competitiveness Through Innovation

Automation itself is a competitive necessity in the financial and accounting world. And within the realm of automation, having an efficient and evolving tech stack can help you scale your business exponentially. Leveraging data-driven insights enhances your competitiveness and future-proofs your firm against emerging challenges - both internal and external. Set the pace of your firm by minimizing the effects of external variables, while simultaneously helping your clients get the most out of their financial situations.

Empowering Advisors for Future Success

interVal is not just a tool - it's a strategic ally for advisors in accounting firms and financial institutions. It allows you to dive deep into industry benchmarks, unlock opportunities for clients, obtain actionable insights and enhance competitiveness through innovation, our platform is designed to elevate your role and impact. Empower your future success, book a demo with us and learn how you can expand your Client Advisory Services this year.