Empowering Accounting Firms...

Empowering Accounting Firms with Data-Driven Insights

In the dynamic world of accounting and financial advisory services, staying ahead of the curve is essential for both firms and their clients. Year-end processes have traditionally been labour-intensive and focused on retrospective analysis. However, in today's fast-paced business landscape, proactive and data-driven solutions are becoming the new norm. That is why interVal is focused on reshaping the way accounting firms operate to deliver real-time value for their clients.

Using interVal, firms connect their client’s financial data and, in real-time, the platform produces valuable, actionable opportunities for them to drive revenue and client satisfaction. Let's take a closer look at what the platform offers:

Automated Analysis

interVal automates a series of critical analyses, including:

  • Valuation Calculations: Providing real-time insights into a business's worth.
  • Available Leverage Calculations: Identifying opportunities to optimize financing.
  • Margin & Trend Analysis: Spotting trends and evaluating profitability.
  • Predictive Exit and Taxation Analysis: Assessing future tax implications and exit strategies.
  • Industry & Peer Benchmarking Analysis: Comparing a business's performance against industry peers.
  • Liquidity Analysis: Evaluating cash flow and financial liquidity.

This automated analysis saves time, reduces errors, and provides a comprehensive view of a client's financial health.

Cross-Departmental Referrals

One of interVal’s unique strengths is its ability to facilitate cross-departmental collaboration within accounting firms. It identifies actionable opportunities based on the automated analysis and seamlessly shares them with relevant departments. Here's what this means for each department:

Tax Opportunities

The tax department gains invaluable insights into clients' growth plans and excess working capital positions. This enables them to proactively structure tax solutions that minimize future tax burdens. Additionally, knowing the current value of the assets allows them to offer informed advice regarding asset protection strategies.

Consulting & Advisory

Consulting and advisory departments benefit from trend analysis that doesn't rely solely on the client's relationship holder to unearth and refer. They have knowledge of growth plans and current areas of risk and opportunity, allowing them to deliver value more effectively. With a benchmark of business health (valuation), they can demonstrate the impact of their recommendations.

Wealth & Insurance

Wealth and insurance departments, whether internal or via a referral, gain visibility into opportunities to build relationships and maximize financial outcomes before any liquidity event, such as an exit. The platform identifies opportunities related to excess working capital, current value, and future state timelines, enabling proactive planning and risk mitigation.

Corporate Finance

Corporate finance departments can leverage interVal for awareness of the current value of all businesses to establish relationships well before bidding on mandates, prompting conversations about corporate finance and mergers and acquisitions. This proactive approach also helps identify leverage opportunities that align with a client's growth plans.

Ultimately, interVal supercharges accountants and empowers them to work more efficiently on behalf of business owners. Graduation rates may be decreasing, and business owner expectations rising, but having a proactive team that multiplies its capacity when data drives opportunities is a game-changer.

Research shows that business owners who actively monitor their growth, set goals, and track their progress alongside their supercharged accountants experience remarkable results. In fact, they grow 29% year over year in terms of enterprise value. It turns out that what gets measured, monitored, and proactively impacted, actually gets done.

interVal is transforming the landscape for accounting firms and their clients. By automating analysis, facilitating cross-departmental collaboration, and empowering accountants to be proactive, it's driving growth and delivering real value. In an era where data-driven insights are paramount, the interVal platform is helping accounting firms stay ahead of the curve and achieve remarkable outcomes for their clients.