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Join The Advisory Council

What’s in it for me?

It’s about time you joined our Advisory Council. Gone are the days when you were given technology without any input on how it worked. As a council member, you will be able to help guide our platform to match your industry’s needs. Then, once released, you’ll get exclusive benefits on a platform that you helped build. Plus, being on the Advisory Council gets you the opportunity to join interVal™’s VIP club. This limited-member group will be comprised of industry professionals, so while you’re helping interVal grow, you‘ll also grow your own network.

What we’re looking for

If you are a professional with ties to financial consulting, the interVal™ Advisory Council is for you. We are excited to share all of our new tools with you and we need you to guide us. We’re looking for industry professionals who can clearly express their thoughts and won’t have biased opinions. If you meet this description, we’re looking for you. To maintain your membership on the council, we require active participation. After all, we’re looking for your help to push the limits of what’s possible! Join the interVal™ Advisory Council. It’s about time.

Still not interested?… There may be gifts