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It’s About Time.

May 10, 2020

It’s About Time.


It’s as simple as these three words. That was my answer when asked recently as to why interVal exists.

Business owners have been making business decisions with incomplete information — not knowing what their business is worth or how implementing certain changes may affect the value. Even in the modern age of technology, we have (for some reason) simply accepted that this is the way it is.


It’s about time that changed.


Business valuations are inaccessible for many business owners – whether it’s because of the time involved, or the cost to pay someone to find out. Because of this, many business owners haven’t viewed a valuation as a key part of their ongoing management strategy.  Instead, the majority of them only find out the value of their business when it’s absolutely needed, like when preparing for a sale or resolving a shareholder dispute.


It’s about time that business owners had access to the information they need.


interVal exists because we want to shift when the conversation takes place – because the powerful data that our software provides can have a major impact on the decisions being made in the business, even today. While understanding the value of your business remains a crucial element of planning for your exit, utilizing that information as a management tool throughout the lifecycle of a business can have an exponential impact on the outcome.


We believe that business owners should always know what their business is worth – so we’re building tools that will allow for the real-time tracking of the value of a business.  Gone are the days of utilizing financial information from months ago to make decisions about the business today.  The time lag of the information that is historically utilized to analyze the health of a business can lead to a critical gap in decision-making.


It’s about time.


Accessing information that is instantaneously drawn from your cloud-accounting software, interVal provides a vision of the company’s past, present and, most importantly, future. We are committed to providing valuable insights that can shape the future of a business, using technology to do it better and faster.  


We’re excited to share with you all of the innovative tools that we’re developing, so keep an eye out for a lot more over the next couple of months!


Business owners are finally going to have access to the information that can let them make the right decisions about the future of their business.  It’s about time.

Trevor Greenway

Co-Founder & CEO