Connect With Your Franchisees Through Automated Real-time Data

Automating the collection of financial data from your franchisees directly from their accounting software allows them to focus on running their business, and provides you real-time access to analyzed data in a proactive manner.

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Customized & Standardized Reporting

We will extract the data; you tell us how you want to consume it. We will organize and package the information so you’re seeing exactly what you want to see, when you want to see it.

What Gets Measured Gets Done

Franchisees want to grow the value of their franchise - and you benefit from helping them do it. Real-time access to their valuation educates franchisees about whether their day-to-day decisions are creating real value.  An educated ecosystem of franchisees allows for streamlined succession planning and future M&A activity to ensure your market share remains strong and the next generation of franchisees are set up for success.

Sort By Key Metrics

interVal for Franchisors includes a customized dashboard, so you can view key metrics by franchise that matter the most, all in one place. No data entry or manual analysis required!

Connect Through Data


Both you and your franchisees can do more and plan strategically when you are aware of the ultimate KPI of the business - its value.


Automated reporting with real-time access.

Franchisee Dashboard

Create positive habits by helping franchisees understand the impact of their decisions on their valuation and other key metrics.

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Real-Time Trend Analysis

See trends as they’re happening within your franchise base.  Be notified in real-time as trends begin to identify new opportunities to bring more value to your franchisees. Know when to mitigate risk, and when to capitalize upon opportunities for growth. 

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Access The Data You Need, When You Need It.

We can automate that!

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