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Automated Financial Reporting.

It's About Time.

for Financial Institutions

Manage Exposure. Discover New Opportunities. Build Stronger Relationships.

interValâ„¢ makes the process of financial reporting seamless and easy, providing the ability for real-time transfer of financial data to proactively connect the business owner and the financial institution.

The Hard Way to Gather Client Financials


  • Identify Required Report
  • Generate Multiple Files
  • Manually Attach Files
  • Email Notification to Account Manager


  • Request Information from Client
  • Wait for Information to Be Provided
  • Review to Ensure All Reports Have Been Provided
  • Analyze Financial Reports
  • Assess Risks and Perform Covenant Analysis

The Fast & Integrated Way using

ABC Co.Financial Statements

  • One Step Connection to Cloud Accounting Software
  • Extract All Relevant Financial Data
  • Instantly Analyze Against Identified Benchmarks
  • Triage Current State to Identify Areas of Immediate Focus
  • Create Concise Summary for Quick Review


  • Connect Client to interVal
  • Receive Completed Report

Why Use

  • Digitally Automate Reporting Functions
  • Real-Time Loan Loss Visibility
  • Prioritize Client Files Based on Real-Time Financial Data
  • Opportunity Automation
  • Interact With Your Clients Differently through Technology

Custom Integration Options with

Give access to certain teams, departments or groups

Tailored reporting

Customized intervals for access

Connectivity to your existing platforms and systems

It’s About Time.