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interVal makes it easy for business owners of all sizes to establish how much their business is worth, monitor changes to their valuation, and lean on their professional service partners for better advice.

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Business Owners Deserve Better.

The traditional institutions that business owners have come to rely on have failed to provide a way for them to track the value of the wealth embedded in their business. interVal is on a mission to change this. Learn how the interVal platform makes it easy for businesses to establish, monitor and leverage valuation to make better business decisions.

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How Do Business Owners Leverage Our Platform?

We help business owners demand more from their advisors, bankers, and accountants. We do this by ensuring their service partners can help them identify, track, and leverage the value of their business in a highly visual and accessible manner. Let us help you introduce interVal to your business advisors and start your journey toward a valuation-focused future.

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How Does interVal Work?

Start With A Number.

Access to interVal starts with a conversation with one of your professional services providers. This can include your banker, your accountant, or your financial advisor. If one of your providers has already engaged with interVal, you are on the right track. By connecting your accounting software (or some simple financial documentation) with our platform, you and your provider will be able to establish your valuation range within minutes. If you haven’t discussed interVal with any of your external advisors, let us help you get started.

Demand Better And Drive Success.

Your business value is often closely connected to your wealth. In fact, on average, business owners across North America hold more than 85% of their wealth inside of their business. With access to interVal, you can monitor the performance of your wealth via business valuation, work jointly with your advisors and services partners to make more informed decisions, and start visualizing the information you need to drive success.

Find Opportunities And Mitigate Risk.

Business owners that leverage the interVal platform can drive more than just valuation and wealth analysis. With on-going access and intelligent reporting, your services providers and advisors can utilize the platform to keep you more informed. Our banking, accounting, and advisory customers depend on interVal to help them quickly identify and communicate risks and opportunities to their business clients. We think you deserve better and so do many of the institutions you rely on. Check out a story here!

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If you would like to find out how to access the interVal platform via your accountant, banker or another advisory-focused services provider, we can help. Click the button below and we will get you started.

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